Road Trips

I ordered some books on day hikes and day trips to do in Florida. I’ve also Googled trips and hikes, and that was helpful, but I really want the information in book version. The day trips book looks great. It’s trips that you can do on one tank of gas. I haven’t yet figured out […]

I Think It’s Love

I’ve met someone. Online. Can you believe it? An old geezer like me, meeting someone online. My kids think I’m crazy. Her name is Janie and she lives in Florida, an hour from me, on the coast. We’ve been talking for a month, and last weekend we decided to meet. I was terrified. So silly! […]


Guatemala Experience Haven’t written a blog for a while, but it’s for a good reason. Kind of suddenly, an opportunity came up for me to go on a month-long trip to Guatemala, to help build a hospital way out in the sticks. How it came about was through a church that I have started going […]

Eyes Abroad: Teaching English as A Second Language

Can Teaching English as A Second Language Work for Me? I know I just got here a few months ago, but I’m feeling pretty settled and starting to think about how I want to spend my time. I don’t see myself playing golf and pickle ball every day. (Yes, pickle ball is a thing. Why […]

The Community

The Next Chapter in My Life So, I did what Mandy and I said we’d never do: I moved to a retirement community. I guess the joke’s on me! I had to do some flooring renovations before I was ready to move in. It is amazing the things that are available to us out there […]

The Festival: Staying Sane Through the Process

Insane Block Party Festivals There’s a festival coming up in my community, and residents are being asked to help out. I have to say, this is not something that fills me with warm fuzzies. I guess it’s because of some bad experiences I’ve had with volunteer-led events. But, being the new kid on the block, […]