Eyes Abroad: Teaching English as A Second Language

Can Teaching English as A Second Language Work for Me?

I know I just got here a few months ago, but I’m feeling pretty settled and starting to think about how I want to spend my time.

I don’t see myself playing golf and pickle ball every day. (Yes, pickle ball is a thing. Why they call it that I’ll never know, but there are actual courts and you play it with pucks or balls or something. I haven’t learned how to play it yet.)

I can’t imagine just doing recreational activities for the rest of my days. Some people here do that, but I think I need something more meaningful to do.

I’m 68 and in good health. I’m not wealthy, but I have enough to live on without working for a paycheck, so I’m considering a variety of options.

One of the options is to go to another country for a year and teach English. Teaching is my life’s blood, after all.

I don’t want to teach kids any more, though. I am ready for a change from that. I’m more interested now in adult education.

I’ve researched several agencies that send Americans abroad to teach English. Generally, they pay your all of your costs—airfare, room and board, with even a small stipend while you’re in-country. So I wouldn’t drain my own bank account. I wouldn’t make money either, but as I already said, I’m in a position where I don’t have to do that to survive.

Where to Teach?

If I did that, I think I’d like to go to an Asian country. Like Korea, or Japan. Maybe China. I know I don’t want to go to Europe or the Middle East. Certainly not the Middle East, not now, with the political climate being what it is.

I’m not that excited about going to Central or South America, either, unless I went way south, like to southern Chile or Argentina. Those locations sound interesting to me, and somewhat more stable that the northern parts of the continent. You don’t hear too much about drug cartels in Argentina. At least I don’t.

Still, I find myself drawn to Asia. I’d consider the South Pacific, as well.

I’m ok doing it by myself, but I would also consider doing a stint like that with another person. A man or a woman, it wouldn’t matter. The main thing would be that I could get along with them, since my purpose in going with someone would be for some companionship.

As I think about that—going with someone—I have some doubts. I wonder if having another person along would restrict me. Like, if I wanted to go somewhere for the weekend but they didn’t want to, would I feel stuck? Like I had to stay back, or that I had to do what they wanted to do?

I really don’t want that. Or if I got to know some of the locals, and was invited someplace, would I feel bad that my companion wasn’t invited too? Or feel like I had to figure out a way to include them?

The more I think about it, the more I think a companion would be a bad idea.

Nope, going alone would be the way to do it.

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