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The Next Chapter in My Life

So, I did what Mandy and I said we’d never do: I moved to a retirement community.

I guess the joke’s on me!

I had to do some flooring renovations before I was ready to move in. It is amazing the things that are available to us out there these days. Did you know that there is actually a dust-free tile removal company. I wouldn’t have believed it myself. I remember years back when replacing your tile almost meant replacing your everything. This is there website:  They did a great job.

Outside of that, moving in was…well no sweat.

I don’t remember what the big resistance was to moving to a retirement community. Well, I take that back. Yes, I do. Mandy and I didn’t want to live in a giant community that was just all old people. Sorta seemed like we would be deliberately choosing to surround ourselves with people who were just waiting to die.
I know, I know! Rebuke me all you like. It was just the way we felt.

We didn’t think about the flip side of it. (First of all, we didn’t think about the fact that those communities are not full of people waiting to die. They’re not. They’re there to live and enjoy their later season of life in a different way than they enjoyed earlier seasons.)

The flip side of it turns out to be this: it’s a great community with over-55 people who come from all walks of life. Their kids and grandkids come to visit, so there are young people around, too. Also there’s a cross-section of nationalities represented in the population, and that spices things up a little.

I’m enjoying it here, and I think Mandy would have enjoyed it.

Back in Minnesota, I enjoyed playing golf. The playing season was not long, but I could usually get in a game every few weeks.
This community that I moved to in Florida has a golf course as part of its amenities. My house doesn’t back up to it, but it’s not far. I was able to buy a golf cart from a resident who wanted to upgrade to one with more bells and whistles. I don’t need bells and whistles, so I’m very happy with getting a used one.

So I have a golf course to use to get to the course and anywhere else in the community. It’s kind of nice to go around in that instead of the car.

Feels lighter and faster.

The downtown area of the community has tons of parking for golf carts. When the parking is full, it looks like there’s a golfing convention going on.

Speaking of the downtown. . . .  It’s not truly a downtown. But it is a common area of the community where all the main amenities are. The main golf clubhouse is there, with a restaurant and shop. There’s a huge gym, with an indoor Olympic-sized pool, an indoor track, and rooms for meetings. There’s a restaurant, and a bistro, an art gallery, a ceramics class room, billiards room, and a building with a banquet hall. Oh, and a bank.

This is all within the community itself, and they call it The Village.

You have to leave the community to get gas, or go grocery shopping, or go to a mall, or see a movie. So it’s not completely self-contained, which is just as well, because it seems like you could get kind of inbred if you never got out.
Still, it’s nice to have all that and the golf course so close by.

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