Who’s Frank?

I’m a school teacher, just retired. I decided to leave behind the abysmal winters of Minnesota, get the hell out of there, and move to Florida.
I can’t tell you how tired I got of winters in the north. The snow was beautiful and magic when it fell, but about five minutes after that, the magic ended and the nightmare began.
Shoveling snow to get out of the driveway. Scraping ice off the windshield. Sliding around on the road and ending up in a ditch. Getting stuck on roads for hours. Having rust issues on the car.
I tell you, I put up with that stuff for decades, and I finally decided enough was enough.
My wife died a few years back and my kids have all moved away. I have good friends and some groups I’m a part of, but I was just kinda ready to go south and be somewhere where it’s warm. I can make new friends.
I might even convince some of my friend in MN to move down, too. One couple is already talking about it.
So anyway, I’m in Florida now and so far I’m loving it. This blog is just about me and my new life here. Because I’m an educator at heart and always will be, no doubt there will be some of that stuff that creeps in.
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